As a candidate in 2018, Cottie Petrie-Norris did not have to defend a legislative voting record. That will change this year.

While she has been somewhat careful with her votes, Cottie Petrie-Norris has made several key votes that can be used to define her, including her vote in support of AB 5.

AB 5 was a defining issue in a neighboring district during the March Primary, causing the defeat of an incumbent legislator. Opposition to AB 5 grows daily and the bill has become one of the most high profile examples of Sacramento super majority overreach.Petrie-Norris will be hard-pressed to defend her vote for AB 5.

In addition, several other votes are sure to hurt Petrie-Norris with her constituents, including AB 101, which prohibits citizens from appealing the building of homeless centers in their neighborhoods. This is a huge issue in Orange County and one where Petrie-Norris is clearly on the opposite side from her voters.

The Cal Chamber reports that Petrie-Norris voted with business 60% of the time. While this is slightly better than most Sacramento Democrats, it is still a D minus - a terrible record for a legislator representing an economically conservative Orange County district.

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