Pandemic Economic Recovery

Get California’s Economy Moving Again

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated California’s economy. Many policies created in Sacramento have made matters worse. Here are six things voters and the state can do to make sure we recover fully.

Repeal AB 5

AB 5, passed with the vote of my opponent Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, is the worst piece of legislation to come out of Sacramento in many years. This new law has thrown tens of thousands of independent workers out of work and has struck a devastating blow to California’s gig economy. Many entrepreneurs and independent workers left the corporate world for the flexibility to work for themselves. They have no interest in corporate jobs or forced unionization. AB 5 must be repealed.

Defeat the Split Roll Tax – Prop. 15

The latest attack on Prop. 13 is the split roll measure on the November ballot, Proposition 15.  This measure is a massive tax increase on business property. California already has the worst climate in the nation. If Prop 15 passes, small businesses will be hit with sudden rent increases and consumers will face higher prices for everything they buy.   Tax increases are never a good idea for the economy, even worse in the middle of a pandemic-caused recession.

Solve the Unemployment Check Backlog

Up to 2 million Californians have waited too long for their unemployment checks. This is their money, held by the state in cases of unemployment. California’s Employment Development Department bureaucrats need to be held accountable for this backlog.

Forgive state taxes on federal PPP loans

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans are exempt from federal taxes, but not state taxes. The state needs to stop trying to collect taxes on these loans which are helping many small businesses survive during the pandemic.

Assist Workers who Need to Stay at Home

With schools closed, many families are forced to juggle learning time, child care and work. The state should offer significant tax credits for businesses that allow employees to work from home or be flexible in work scheduling to allow more time for education and to care for families.

Defeat the NET WORTH TAX – AB 2088

This radical bill proposes to add a “net worth” tax on top of the state’s already sky-high income tax. It would tax people not only on what they make or purchase, but also on what they own.  It is terrible idea that would drive successful people out of California for good. AB 2088 needs to be defeated.

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